Lyrikkalender: November 2013

Da dieses insgesamt das dritte Sonett ist, das ich verfasst habe, hab ich mich an Shakespeare orientiert für ausgesprochen unkreative Titelgebung entschieden. Die letzten zwei Zeilen möge man sich eingerückt vorstellen, die Umsetzung ist mir hier leider nicht so gelungen, wie ich das hatte haben wollen.

Sonnet 3

Johanna, though you’re far away from here,
I hope you don’t forget your loving ones
We hold you in our hearts, we keep you near
(At least do I, the past and coming months)
How strange it feels, right after all these years
We saw each other more than once a week
But everything we knew now disappears
And all new life is what we have to seek.
Johanna, Dear, I’ve spent the whole last night
To fight ‘gainst this iambic pentameter
But sonnets rule!, that’s why I so long tried
To find a rhyming word which ends on “eter”.
I’m giving up, I’ve had enough of this
Just let me tell you: Thou art truly missed.



I love cookies. Well, to be honest, I love food and it almost doesn’t matter what it is, but today three baking sheets of cookies stole my heart. Forever, I’m afraid.

I had fallen in love with them already before they saw the oven from the inside. The dough was sweet, so heavenly sweet, and actually I love every dough whose ingredients contain different types of sugar. Fantastic, really.

Unfortunatly I couldn’t stop myself from tasting this unbelivable sweet dough, so when the first sheet of cookies was ready and left the oven, my stomach said „Please, stop eating, I’ve had enough!“
Needless to say that this couldn’t prevent me from tasting one or two or five of the baked cookies, too. And they were gorgeous!

I only had regrets when I went back home from my friend’s house, for I felt really sick smelling all the people making barbecue in their gardens… But there is a large box filled with cookies down in our kitchen, and I don’t think they will live to see the morning sun again.

Collywobbles ahoy!

pre-oven cookies the result

(as you see, the cookies increased dramatically. If you ask me I’d say that this has something to do with my friends attitude „why measure the baking powder? Just put it in there, everthing!“)